Despite truth being one and simple.

Photo by Markus Winkler

They say there is only one truth.

Just like saying there is one God.

But truth?

Each one of us believes in our truth.

What we see and what we believe is what is true.

No argument can prove otherwise.

Beliefs, life experiences, perceptions, theories, values, faiths…

For you, your truth is critical.

But, as Mark Twain said:

“The truth has no defence against a fool determined to believe in a lie”.

So, lead your life by your truth, and when you see something seemingly true,

Think. Which is the truth you choose.



Words loosely used and underrated too

Photo by cottonbro

Don’t these two words give you quite a similar meaning? Altruism as the internet describes, is when you act to promote someone else’s welfare, even at a risk or cost to yourself.

And love? Having a deep bond, comprising trust, respect, and acceptance; what does this lead to? Altruism? Maybe close; both converge to ‘selfless concern’.

Give it a thought. Now you are thinking, do people in love feel altruistic? Well, love should be unconditional, doesn’t it? Otherwise, it is not love. Agree?

Where is the difference? Altruism can be an uninfluenced concern, whereas love reflects deep concern. I think that’s the difference.

We’ve known love in various ways, and I suppose one can be altruistically in love. What would you think this kind of love can be towards?



Freedom is simply living meaningfully

Photo by Skyler Ewing

Walking on the streets without fear,

Fear of being stalked or stabbed for no valid reason to infer.

Praying at a place of worship with the peace it needs,

Without having to feel the pressure of where you belong.

Talking the language of your choice,

Respecting the other voices and sounds around.

Freedom should be life sans fear,

Freedom from fear is what counts.

Restrictions matter and respecting them,

That is where freedom must stem.

Futile debates and protests stand no ground.

Life in harmony,

With nature and humanity,

Life with value,

With hope and sanity,

That is what living in freedom is.



It can be a self-evolution hazard

Photo by Pixabay

I took pride in being clean and then upped myself to be super clean.

I couldn’t sit a few minutes, I would see small patches of dust here, a leaf floating there, and jump up to clean the spot. Watching a TV program was impossible, my eyes would hover to pick up some corner to clean. When guests visit, I would keep busy getting things arranged and then tidying up.

Life was exhausting. I then made up my mind to slow down. Slowing down was a slow process.

But slow down, we must. It is knowing we need to relax; life is not about rushing through with loads to do and clean.

Let things be, they won’t tidy themselves, but choose to do it in time. Appreciate life and the little untidiness around.



Or should you sometimes tune to a ‘never mind’ mode?

Photo by Naomi Salome

I recently watched a short video where a father carries his little daughter across stores with interesting stuff, shutting her eyes with his palms, for obvious reasons. There was lots of laughter and it did seem funny. But soon, comments began flooding the platform on how incorrect this kind of parenting is, the child would have been better off at home. There was so much chatter and anger around.

Well, the comments made sense. But it seems like nothing goes without a debate. There is always an opinion, an angry retort, a ‘should do’, ‘can’t do’, ‘never do’ rebuttal.

Sometimes, it’s good to lighten up and let opinions and debates rest. Sit back and watch; yes, everything matters, but maybe it’s alright to say ‘never mind’ and relax too.



A balm in the storm

Photo by Jess Loiterton

Oh, dear Medium! I’m glad I found you.

You are my voice, my vent to tears and moods,

No money fills my bank, but what I read soothes.

So many experiences,

So much to hear,

So much to learn,

And lessons on expectations and spurn.

Oh, dear Medium! I’m glad I found you.

I regained my bearings at many crossroads,

I cried with comfort from others’ trials.

I learned to let go and stay a while,

Oh, dear Medium, you helped me tread over miles and miles.

It seemed like a gift all wrapped with peoples’ thoughts,

Unwrapping them cautiously, taught me lots,

Layer by layer, so much is revealed,

Some visuals, well in my mind, are sealed.

Oh, Medium, thanks for the many wounds healed.



So, we believe

Photo by Akil Mazumder

Forest fires claiming lives,

Heat waves and sweltering heat,

Glaciers and avalanches strewing wrath,

Thinking moolah all the time.

What we’ve made of this earth, with all this loath?

Climate change is coffee-table talk,

We chatter and let it pass,

Carrying on with our hide bags and plastic smiles,

Masking pollution and shrugging ties.

Allowing this to pass; blaming, shaming, with all the lies.

What we’ve made of the earth, with all this loath?

We are the traffic, and the pollution,

We are the avalanches and the torrential rain,

The heat and volcanoes, forest fires, and all the pain.

We are the floods, we are the strain,

We are everything that causes the change.

Let’s rise and awake, do all we can,

Together let’s wage this war, victory is sure.



Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels

I’m curious about death,

Of what lies beyond,

Of the humongous Universe, watching above,

Embracing us on Her lap,

Some cushioned with no pain and grief,

Some still suffering from woe and strife.

I’m curious about death,

But not afraid of its burning nostrils,

I’m curious about how the expanse of spirituality,

Enlightens some, and dampens some spirits,

I’m curious about how the morning sun rises without a nudge,

And how it sets without a murmur.

I’m curious about death,

I wish to see what lies beyond,

Peace is perhaps what rests there,

Peace to share, and love, and care,

I wish I get to soon be there.