Shoba Rao

A profound thought

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Among the many insightful stories that Indian mythology presents, an interesting one is about a question that a seer asks an enlightened person.

What is that, which always feels like fresh or new news/information, which shocks the listener?

The enlightened person replies, “The news of death”.

Let’s just give this some thought. If we have an ailing family member, friend, or anyone we know of, who has been around for a long time, aren’t we still shocked when we hear they have passed. And we ask — How did it happen? Was it peaceful? Oh! I’m sorry.

And this is profound because we know for sure that the ultimate truth is death; yet, when it happens, it always feels like it is the newest information ever.




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There is nothing beyond being ‘still’ and resting the mind from all activity. Seeking the ‘path of spirituality is an overrated phrase.

One of the greatest reformers, Ramana Maharishi, in his pragmatic teachings, talks about ‘simply being oneself’.

Let us try to understand the profoundness of his words, “Be still. Apart from this, the mind has no task to do or thought to think”.

To understand this a little better, let’s focus on this:

Happiness and peace are the nature of the Self. The only way to understand this is to SILENCE THE MIND.



It gives you nothing but strength

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A clichéd question: What is the difference between being religious and being spiritual!

We have heard numerous perspectives. To me, here is what spirituality does, I:

  • Realize I cannot control everything
  • Understand that everything happens for a reason and I am no one to question
  • Know everyone does things for a reason
  • Am cautioned when I get judgmental
  • Attempt to see only the good around, and let what does not matter, pass
  • Smile often, knowing there is something bigger than what I see
  • Remain blessed with a peaceful sense of acceptance, though it can be hard. I accept this too

So, enjoy the journey of elevating yourself spiritually.



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Have you heard crows cawing at night and you felt strange? They do so sometimes when they sense danger, or maybe it’s just the mating season, or could be one of their own is dying.

There is always a reason!

Often, we react when people behave differently, not as we expected them to. When we do wonder or feel agitated, let’s think of why the crows caw, there will be a reason.

Stop judging. And if you are a habitual ‘judge’, ask yourself why you do it. You will find your reasons, most convincing. Every behavior has a reason; a cause and an effect. And that behavior does not have to suit your liking or match up to your wisdom and beliefs.

Let the crows caw at night, pull your blanket over, and get back to sleep.