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Who writes like William Shakespeare or Christopher Marlowe anymore?

Writing today is an art and may not necessarily be a skill.

Now writers, do not frown. We have all seen four-letter words and such kinds sprinkled plentifully, all over writing — and appreciated and highlighted too, don’t we?


It’s because this is the way it is — we are happy and welcoming and receive this change comfortably. Our perspectives to life have changed, our expectations from life have changed and our attitudes are changing to fit into today’s changes. It is a good thing.

Grand writers, please do not…

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I’ve waited for decades to write this article!

I’m 60 now and have gathered the courage to write about this. The realization came several years back but the courage to share stayed hidden.

Have you had this experience — where your own mother can bring out the worst in you?

I may receive brickbats for writing about this; can a MOTHER ever be wrong? Well, here is the truth in my life.

Yes, I don’t blame her — I could have stood up for myself and so could all we children, but her overpowering presence somehow shadowed our worth.


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Often, we stop when we want to begin something. Many things run through our monkey minds and hamper that crucial step forward. We give in, give up, and don’t move ahead.

Do not allow these 3 thoughts to stop your movement onward.

People’s opinions

Do what you must do; people who judge and comment will do it anyway. t. Don’t worry — it is up to YOU to take the step forward. People’s opinions weigh so heavily on us that at times even the strongest willed get cajoled into doing nothing about the decision they’ve made.

Don’t allow this — go on…

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It’s not easy. There are new lessons to learn, and mindsets to develop. When you are in the dumps, there are these VITAL LESSONS to learn.

Lesson 1

Get out of the place you think you are stuck in

Drew Barrymore — “Life is very interesting. In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths”.

Easier said than done - yes. But get out you must. And how would you do that? Quite literally — move out of the place — do not stay put where you are, depressed and dejected — go into the open space and give yourself some fresh air and cut yourself some slack. Tell yourself…

3 Reasons why Solitude is Necessary to Reach Yourself

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Solitude helps to direct yourself internally

Let’s first understand the difference between being lonely and being in solitude. You’ve heard this often — ‘you can feel lonely when you are in a crowd’. Feeling lonely has a negative intonation — it almost seems like a damaging emotion. You cannot enjoy ‘feeling lonely’ whereas you can be happy ‘in solitude’.

Can solitude bring alive a feeling of being vibrant and joyful?

In the Bhagavad Gita, there is mention of ‘solitude being characteristic of those seeking spiritual knowledge. It is believed that solitude can distance one from the mundane and the world’s fixation with materialism. What is necessary…

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As young children we were taught to light a lamp each morning and evening. We’d do that and quickly rush out saying a quick ‘thank you’ to God. It was just a mechanical thing to do day after day.

My sister (66 years old) recently visited her son in Canada. Just to give her son and his family the much-needed privacy on Sundays, she visited a Lord Krishna temple there. …

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Medium is full of ideas and brilliant articles that teach and educate — it gives readers a means to do things in life — most of them catalogued under numerical indices. These numbered and listed articles attract the greatest number of readers — I think so.

3 things to remember when….

5 ways to get around ….

7 brilliant quotes that….

6 ideas to …


Here are 5 reasons why. (Pun intended)

Numbers narrow down overload of content

Today you have more to do with lesser time in your hands; or so you think. You are always busy. So much is being said about ‘being…

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We’ve all had situations to deal with in or lives. Some manageable, some enjoyable and yet some challenging. We’ve used proverbs and phrases to save ourselves, making it easy to convince ourselves of the moves we’ve made; somehow thinking we have done the right thing at that given moment.

Today people say there is nothing wrong or right and everything depends — what it depends on is for you to conclude — what makes sense to you may not make sense to me. So its all about oneself — yourself — the I.

Criss Jami — “Man is not, by…

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I was desperately job hunting at 50; the company I worked at was packing up.

I attended an interview and was interviewed by a girl half my age. For some reason she kept clearing her throat so often I asked her if she was unwell. She said she was alright and kept fumbling at her stationery on her table.

Then she asked me to tell her about myself — something I so dislike. But I am being interviewed and I had to respect her question. Once I completed, she asked me if I know ‘design’.

Well, I thought for a…

It’s not the End of the World

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Rejections hurt only because we as humans love to feel and nurture a sense of belonging. There are various kinds of ties and we give ‘that much’ of ourselves to these different associations.

Dealing with rejection need not be as horrendous as it’s made out to be. You may face rejection in relationships, at work, home, with family, at a marketplace, at school and college and just anywhere.

When you experience rejection what you actually experience is a big meaningless bundle of emotions!

Oh yes, psychologists and the like tell you it can break you — true — but only if you allow it.

Stop and stand back and watch your emotions; acknowledge what you…

Shoba Rao

I write….

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